Beta version of pdfPost was successfully used in some industry projects.

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC)


Deformation plot (x80) – sea load case with wave

HMC transports, installs and removes all types of offshore facilities. One of the company’s biggest vessel – H-851 – is a float-over/launch barge. This 260.0m long vessel can transport almost 50 000 tons. Due to size and weight of load, each transportation needs to be planed with grate care. Load-out and transport load cases are prepared and FE analysis is commenced to check structural integrity of the barge hull. In order to present H-851 hull and skid beam, over 500 000 shell elements were converted and stored in the PDF document. The construction was divided into 490 components, grouped within 108 major components.

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Palfinger Dreggen (Palfinger Marine)

Wire-luffing offshore crane

Wire-luffing offshore crane

Palfinger Dreggen is the experienced crane company from Bergen, Norway. They have recently made their way to the offshore business. pdfPost was used during design and approval of the company’s wire-luffing cranes.

At early stages, 3D plots were used as a communication tool between structural and mechanical engineers. In the end, 3D plots were used as a part of the calculation report, delivered to the classification society. pdfPost allowed engineers to communicate more efficiently and precisely.

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