pdfPost Lite

Free commercial version of pdfPost – 3D PDF converter for Finite Element Analysis.

pdfPostLitepdfPost Lite is a free version of universal FEA to 3D PDF converter. It can be used commercially with the following limitations:

  • up to 120k nodes;
  • up to 80k elements;
  • 50 components;
  • pdfPost Lite watermark;
  • geometry cannot be saved outside of the PDF;
  • no support and/or warranty of any kind;
  • no software updates and fixes;

pdfPost Lite is not a TRIAL. If you like pdfPost Lite and you’d like to test all features and export larger models, please contact our sales department.

To download pdfPost Lite, please fill the form below. The download link will be in the message you will receive shortly after submitting. In case you won’t receive any message, please contact our support department.

Installation steps:

  1. Unzip files and run pdfPost_v1.90-x64-installer.exe (requires admin privileges).
  2. Copy pdfPost_license.dat and pdfPost_license.manifest to C:\ProgramData\pdfPost (may also require admin privileges).
  3. Instead of 2. user may download the license files directly from pdfPost. Go to Help -> Get License and use following information:
    Login: pdfpost@bpsolutions.com.pl
    Password: a93f075a440e
    License number: 636676074359902001
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