Project properties – Plot

Properties listed below allow users to customize their 3D plots.


Toogled off, excludes selected plot from PDF document
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Title of the 3D plot. By default, title is positioned in the upper left corner of each page. Position and font size may be changed in Plot Layout XML file.
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Description of the 3D plot. By default, description is positioned below the title and has smaller font. Position and font size may be changed in Plot Layout XML file.
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Footer of the 3D plot page. By default, footer is positioned in the lower left corner of the page. Position and font size may be changed in Plot Layout XML file.
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This option sets the coloring mode.
Value – each color represents an exact value. Each value that doesn’t have a match, is assigned with undefined color from color legend XML file. This mode is useful for thickness-material presentation.
Range – each color represents a range of values.
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An XML file with color definitions. Use pdfPost Color Legend Manager to alter the file.
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Sets up the coloring algorithm.
Element – each element is given a specific color based on element value.
Standard Gradient – Element gradient is based on nodal values. If different colors are used within one element, gradient is created based on color assigned to each node.
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Information can be displayed based on nodal or elemental values. This option defines the type of data in Values File.
Elemental – each element has a specific value, based on which a color is assigned.
Nodal – each node has a speciic value, based on which, gradient is created.
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File with elemental or nodal values. Data format should match the definition in Input Type option (see Document properties).
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Scale factor applied to values in Values File.
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ValueRanges, ValueRangesList

Auto – single value or range of values will be assigned to each color in the color legend, based on values in Values File and active components.
Manual – user may override values or ranges assigned to each color. Number of overriden ranges should be +1 to the number of primary colors in the color legend. Number of overriden values, should be equal to the primary color count in the selected color legend.
IMPORTANT! – overridden values and ranges should already include Values Scale factor.
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This file contains the definitions for nodal displacements. It is only used, if Displacement Scale is not 0.
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Scale factor applied to the nodal displacements. If 0, nodes are positioned based on Nodes File (see Document properties).
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This file contains symbols attached to nodes together with associated values. The file structure is as follows: (single line example) {nodeNumber},{symbolName},{associatedValue}
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Symbol original size corresponds with model length unit.
Fixed – defaults to 1. Symbol size is based on the its definition and base scale parameter.
ValueBased – symbol size is based on definition, base scale and associated value (may be different for each node).
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Base scale is a fixed multiplier for each symbol size.

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Symbols are grouped together for better presentation. This property sets the name of a parent group.
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This XML file contains symbol definitions. Symbols used in SymbolFile (eg. FX, UX, MX) should be defined within this file (name, color and line geometry definition).
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This option sets the vertical axis of the FE geometry.Top of the page


PDF has a number of built-in render modes. This option allows the user to select the initial one. Within PDF document, user may change this parameter while viewing the geometry.
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PDF has two built-in render modes – perspective and orthographic. This option allows user to select the initial one. Within PDF document, user may change this parameter while viewing the geometry. Currently, only perspective projection is available.
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This option sets the background color of the 3D window. Color is set by giving red, green and blue values (0 to 255) separated by ‘;’.
Example: 128;128;128.
This color will be the default one. User may change it while viewing the model.
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This option sets the initial image of the 3D window. When PDF document is opened, all 3D windows are inactive showing the Initial Image. User needs to click on the Initial Image to activate 3D geometry. Initial Image should be in PNG or JPG format. Size of the image should match the size of the 3D window.
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This option defines an XML file with PDF page definition. All elements on the PDF page are positioned and sized by entries in the Plot Layout file.
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