ANSYSTM MechanicalTM APDL library

Using version prior to the 15.0 or being ANSYS Classic fan? Our free and open-source macro library will aid you in 3D PDF creation.

PDFPOST macro library

Using our PDFPOST library, you can create pdfPost input files and create 3D PDF’s from APDL environment. Library is free, open-source and will be developed together with pdfPost. You can modify it and use it without any restrictions. You can also share your ideas with us and our users (

Version 1.2 Change log:

  • improved routines for exporting nodal results
  • improved Element Type handling
  • bugfixes
Version 1.1 Change log:

  • improved XML generation
  • no “WorkingDirectory” (in accordance with to the pdfPost 1.76)
  • added quickExport method. Equivalent to the one-click-export. Requires only valid ETABLE. Components are based on element types.
Version 1.0 Basic, first version of the APDLtoPDF library. Recommended for users of pdfPost 1.75 and below, since it generates “WorkingDirectory” XML attribute zip-icon_download_small

For step-by-step guidance, please check tutorials 3 & 4 in our Tutorials section.