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If you have any question regarding 3D PDF technology for FEA, please do not hesitate to contact us!

pdfPost licensing

Contact us to get the price for the pdfPst license.

  • license is node-locked based on target PC MAC address and HostName.
  • license is permanent but subjected to annual renewal (free). During the renewal there is a possibility to change the target PC. Renewal can be shorter, based on user preferences.
  • Each license comes with one year of Customer Support Service – this includes support and software updates.
  • Currently, there is no floating license option, but we’re offering good discounts for license packages.
  • We’re providing 14-days trial licenses.


Technical Support

  • If you have problems creating 3D PDF’s.
  • If the PDF look is different than expected.
  • Problems with element definition.
  • We’re constantly working to improve our software. Any suggestions are welcomed.