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APDLtoPDF library v1.1 released!

After receiving a lot of support from our APDL users, we have improved our APDL library. The most important upgrade is quickExport macro which allows users to create pdfPost input files with minimum APDL knowledge. Library has an array of … Continue reading

pdfPost tutorials and ANSYS(R) Mechanical(TM) plug-in

Video tutorials have been released, showing pdfPost basic functionality. FEA data was created with ANSYS(R) Mechanical(TM) ACT plug-in. Plug-in was developed together with MESco and is available for all users for free. For more details go here. You can follow this … Continue reading

pdfPost is available!

pdfPost 1.0 converter is finally finished. You can present you FEA results with use of interactive 3D PDF’s. It is possible to request a trial license prior the purchase. For details go here.

BEAM and SOLID elements now available

We’re excited to announce, that new types of elements have been implemented in pdfPost. Beam/link and solid elements are now supported. Below, a full list of supported elements: 2 node BEAM elements 2 node LINK/TRUSS elements 3 & 4 node … Continue reading

Symulacja 2012 organized by MESCO

We’re proud to announce, that we’re going to give a presentation on parametric modeling in ANSYS APDL using multiple database files and external configuration files. Method will be presented on Symulacja 2012 organized by MESCO.

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website. We hope you all enjoy it and everyone can find the information you need.